Issue: 2018 - September/October

  • Melanie talks about birdsong, music, and language.
  • In this next installment of his exploration into artificial intelligence, Sahil show you how to get LUIS to understand even if you misspell or mispronounce something.
  • In this second installment of his Angular security series, Paul authenticates a user against a SQL Server table and secures Web API methods with the JSON Web Token standard.
  • You’ve probably heard about Facebook’s new JavaScript library, React. Milton shows you how it works and encourages you to consider using it on your next project.
  • Visual Studio Code is the hot new thing these days. Vassili tells you how to take advantage of some of its features, including CSCS, Rich Language Services, REPL language inte...
  • Just when JavaScript seemed aggravatingly ubiquitous, Rick bumped into Web Assembly and Blazor, and learned that there are choices when it comes to compiling code.
  • Ted gives some good advice for what to do when you become a manager for the first time.