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  • In this post I look at what .NET Standard is, how it works and what some of the surrounding issues and impacts are for the .NET eco system.
  • Are you curious about cross-platform .NET applications?Do you have a need or an interest in how to write .NET applications that will run on OS X? Do you need to deploy your application to a *nix box? If you’ve answered “Yes” to one of these last two questions or are curious about running .NET code on *nix, then read on.
  • Just when JavaScript seemed aggravatingly ubiquitous, Rick bumped into Web Assembly and Blazor, and learned that there are choices when it comes to compiling code.
  • If you haven’t explored the open source implementation of XNA 4.x API called MonoGame, now’s your chance to see what exciting things are in store for you. Chris takes us there.