FoxPro & Visual FoxPro (VFP) Services

In 1993, our company began by writing FoxPro applications. Later, as technologies changed, we moved to .NET and beyond. We did our first VFP to .NET conversion more than 15 years ago. Today our specialty is helping companies upgrade their FoxPro and Visual FoxPro applications to modern technologies.

Contact us at or 832-717-4445 ext 9 and see how we can help you upgrade your software.

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VFP Conversion

We specialize in assisting companies in converting their FoxPro applications to modern technologies. Contact or email us at

VFP Development

Having problems maintaining your existing VFP code? We have FoxPro Specialists on staff who can help.

Other Services

.NET, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, Mobile, Cloud? Mentoring and Training? We do all this too! Check out our services here.