On Sale Now: 2019 - July/August

In our feature article this month Rick Strahl shares what you need to know about working with .NET Core 3.0 for Desktop including walking you through building a small application. Wei-Meng Lee introduces you to the preferred language for Android developers, Kotlin, and shows you how to get started building applications with it. Additionally, Paul Sheriff continues his series on building a WPF business application, Shawn Wildermuth demonstrates how to make formatting data on the web a lot simpler with Vue.js, John Petersen delves into the recent Hertz v Accenture breach of contract case stressing the importance of carrying carry liability insurance, and much more. Enjoy!

Articles in this issue:

  • Rod reflects on a long-term project and the quality of life.
  • Sahil explores the limitations of Cognitive Services, the potential of Azure Machine Learning, and creating your own AI models.
  • In the second installment of his new series, Paul explores sending a message from a View Model class to the main window, setting up a timer, and creating a log in screen.
  • In an interesting court case between rental car giant Hertz and international consulting firm Accenture, claims were filed that one party is in breach of contract. John uses this case to show how even small-shop independent consultants should carry some sort of liability insurance.
  • You need PowerShell operators if you’re writing a script or module, and there are quite a variety to choose from. Dan takes us on a tour of some of the ones you’ll use the most.
  • Kotlin is now the preferred language for Android developers. Are you ready to make the switch? Wei-Meng shows you how.
  • Rick examines what is—and isn’t—coming in .NET Core Runtime. You’ll get to put this knowledge to good use as you build a small app, too.
  • If you want to build efficient, reliable, and scalable apps, you’ll find the Nest.js framework to be an essential tool. Bilal shows you how to build a server-side app as he shows you Nest’s intrinsic compatibilities with other libraries and databases.
  • Shawn shows you how to use Vue.js to separate views and models and make Web development formatting a lot simpler.
  • If you’ve got multiple data stores, you have to keep them synced or you’ve got trouble on your hands. Joydip makes it look easy using Sync Framework.
  • Ted considers leadership that makes a difference.

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