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Now on sale: 2018 - November/December

We close out the year with something for everyone! We've got it all - Docker, Angular, ASP.NET Core, Markdown, Java, Rider, JavaScript. Our feature article is "Marking up the Web with ASP.NET Core and Markdown" by Rick Strahl. Enjoy!

Articles in this issue:

  • Rod's project continues and he gives us some good advice about managing a team.
  • Like everyone else, you’ve probably been struggling with virtualization taking up a lot of space on your laptop. Sahil shows you a great way to lessen the demand while increas...
  • In this third installment of his Angular security series, Paul addresses the Angular 6 release and shows you how to build an array of claims without single properties for security.
  • Numbers and arithmetic can be a challenge in any language, and John shows you how to deal with them in JavaScript.
  • Kevin leaves his SQL Server-focused Baker’s Dozen behind and launches into a new series looking at the various stages of data warehousing. His first installment includes a loo...
  • Bilal takes a look at making sure that your Angular app, large or small, can deal with state management and data access using the ngrx/store module.
  • You’re probably already using Markdown for HTML text entry and formatting your README.md files. But Markdown is good for so much more—Rick shows you parsing, stable content in...
  • Ted takes you on a little spelunk into Java, replete with some history for context.
  • If you’ve been developing IDEs in .NET, you’ve probably heard about JetBrains’ Rider. Chris and Maarten show you that the time is right to dive in.
  • Ted writes about the importance of trust to a team's success.
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