2022 - November/December

Latest Issue:
2022 - November/December

In the cover article about Polars DataFrame library, you'll learn how to use Polars and why you want to use it instead of Pandas for working with large datasets. Other great articles in this issue include Sahil Malik's suggestions for security enhancements for web applications. Paul D. Sheriff finishes his series by teaching you to write wrappers about ADO.NET to significantly reduce the amount of code you have to write to perform CRUD operations. Bilal describes how the PHP Laravel framework implements Dependency Injection and how Laravel's IoC Container implements Zero Configuration Resolution. Alex Pirker walks through how using the Model-View-Presenter-ViewModel helps you split up the responsibilities of the ViewModel, making your code more maintainable, easier to test, easier to extend and easier to reuse. Joydip demonstrates using gRPC using Google's Protocol Buffers to help serialize and deserialize data using Protobug.Net with .NET 6. There's a lot in this issue. And here's a cool fact: our cover was created using the AI tool named DALL-E 2.

Articles in the Latest Issue:

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