On Sale Now: 2021 - May/June

In the lead article, Vinay Gaba provides you with a introduction to Jetpack Compose, Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI. Joydip Kanjilal looks at JWT Authentication in ASP.NET Core 5. Julie Lerman walks through how to store a database's connection string in Azure Key Vault. Mike Yeager introduces you to creating native, cross-platform desktop applications with Photino. Shawn Wildermuth introduces you to Tailwind CSS, a popular CSS framework, and how you can use it to create professional looking web pages. Bilal Haidar introduces you to Nuxt.js, a framework that builds on top of the Vue.js framework. Check out the entire issue for much more...

Articles in this issue:

  • Rod muses on what's really necessary in UI design. Don't let your requirements deter your customers from wanting to use your product.
  • Sahil offers some of his favorite development productivity hacks on the Unix terminal. If you use a Mac and the Windows subsystem for Linus, these will help you.
  • In this next installment of Paul’s series on JavaScript and Ajax, Paul creates a data-filled page using JavaScript and the XML HttpRequest Object and shows you how to make the activities on that page efficient and clear.
  • Learn how to leverage Microsoft Identity via Azure Active Directory (AAD) to secure a Web application. Julie shows you how to store a database’s connection string along with its elements in Azure Key Vault.
  • Learn to use JSON Web Tokens (commonly known as JWT) to secure the data that's transmitted over the wire between APIs and the clients that consume the APIs.
  • Learn how you can use Jetpack Compose to build Android apps. Jetpack Compose is a rewrite of the Android UI toolkit. Get started with step-by-step examples.
  • Vassili demonstrates how to use scripting in C# projects with SQL Server; learn advantages to write less code. Works well for macOS setup.
  • If you use Electron but find it makes a pretty big application, try using open source Photino, which uses .NET 5 for the host application instead of Node.js. Your apps for mobile or cross-platform can be lighter and faster.
  • Tailwind CSS helps you get to the fun part of building an app by using utility CSS classes. Use Tailwind CSS to help you quickly prototype your design without having to write a ton of CSS.
  • Vue.js development is easier with the Nuxt.js development framework. If you do server-side rendering with Vue.js, Nuxt.js helps you organize folders to make Vue.js applications easier to build and deploy.
  • John realizes that sometimes conventional wisdom about software development may be what's holding you back today. Learn to recognize it and how to adapt to it.

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