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2024 - July/August CODE Magazine is an advanced technology publication for developers and technical managers focused on providing in-depth information about today's development topics. Each bi-monthly issue of CODE Magazine contains detailed and very practical articles covering current technologies and developer tools.

Created by developers and primarily serving the developer community, CODE Magazine is the trusted source of information for developers seeking information for their latest software development projects. CODE Magazine is published by EPS Software Corporation’s Publishing Group. Contributors for CODE Magazine know what information developers need because they are in the field, serving in the community, and teaching others about new technology. CODE Magazine has a positive relationship with Microsoft, but it is a fully independent publication, assuring readers of thoughtful and timely commentary on the latest news and developments from the leading technology companies.

CODE Magazine has one primary goal: provide the IT community with advanced technology information that explains in-depth how to use the industry’s diverse development tools. Since its inception, CODE Magazine has focused on technologies and application architecture “best practices” illustrating them with examples in multiple programming languages.

Editorial Calendar 2024

We are currently planning the following lead-articles/topics:

  • January/February: Web and Cloud Technologies
  • March/April: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • May/June: Databases
  • July/August: JavaScript
  • September/October: Languages
  • November/December: .NET Features

Please note that this calendar is tentative. CODE Magazine reserves the right to change topics at any time.

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See our advertising rates or download the complete CODE Magazine Media Kit in PDF Format.


The CODE Magazine team are a pleasure to work with. The magazine itself is a great source of content on the technologies and tools useful for the developer community and a brilliant way to get our content and tools in to the hands of developers.

Joe Gilson

Red Gate, Digital Media Associate

The CODE Magazine team is fast, friendly and most importantly effective. If you are looking for a good way to share your products with developers, then CODE Magazine is an excellent option.

Danny Cooper

Aspose, Team Leader

In marketing, you want two things from print media - exposure at a reputable outlet and professional and hassle free account management willing to work around your schedule. CODE excels at both.

Sasha Krsmanovic

Telerik, Marketing Director

CODE Magazine gets devoured instantly upon arrival. That also happens with MSDN Magazine, but a higher percentage of CODE articles matter to me.

J. Merrill

Software developer for 40+ years

With thousands of active LEADTOOLS customers to support on several platforms, I need to learn new technologies and development trends quickly and pass this knowledge down to my department. CODE Magazine is a valuable resource to accomplish this goal.

Gabriel Smith

LEADTOOLS, Developer Support Manager

CODE Magazine stands out as one of the best resources for professional developers and architects. I am continually impressed with their high quality of in-depth, practical information in every issue. CODE Magazine is one of the best resources for advanced .NET developers. Developers will find articles with practical information written by recognized experts which they can use every day.

Gerardo A. Dado

Microsoft, Director, Developer Community and Marketing

This is one of the best magazines around – don’t change your overall format. The depth of many articles is outstanding!

Steve Delia

Web Developer

Every time I receive the magazine, I first take a glance at the covered topics, and I always think "wow, all of them are spot-on!!!". And the quality of the articles is always great too.

Csaba Toth


CODE Magazine was our first Gold Sponsor and partner for DevTeach in May 2003. Ten years have passed and CODE Magazine is one of the main partners in the marketing strategy for all of our upcoming events. Every publication of CODE Magazine that has our event advertisement creates a huge spike in our website traffic. DevTeach and CODE Magazine have at heart the interest of the developer. CODE Magazine is an important part of the developer community.

Jean-Rene Roy

DevTeach, Owner/Organizer