On Sale Now: 2020 - July/August

Note: Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, we were unable to print the current issue. Therefore, all subscriptions (even print subscriptions) get access to the digital version of this issue. Also, we are extending all print subscriber's subscriptions by one issue. Thank you for understanding! For more information, see Markus Egger's Editorial. Access your digital version from codemag.com/my or codemag.com/mobile

As the Coronavirus Crisis continues, we also keep soldiering on! Our current issue, while still not available in print, is packed with information. In fact, we added an extra 8 pages of content! We lead off with an article about using Amazon (AWS) Lambdas to host ASP.NET Core apps. We cover the MVVM Pattern in MVC Core. We talk about Identity and Security. We take a look at what’s new in Vue 3, and much more!

Articles in this issue:

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