On Sale Now: 2020 - May/June

Note: Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, we were unable to print the current issue. Therefore, all subscriptions (even print subscriptions) get access to the digital version of this issue. Also, we are extending all print subscriber's subscriptions by one issue. Thank you for understanding! For more information, see Markus Egger's Editorial in the current issue. Access your digital version from codemag.com/my or codemag.com/mobile

CODE Magazine is staying home! We had to change our plans on short notice due to the Coronavirus crisis. Markus Egger (CODE Magazine's publisher) talks about the effects of the recent events on CODE Magazine in this issue’s editorial. And while printing is an essential business, printing software publications isn’t a top priority during epidemics. For this reason, and the first time in CODE Magazine's history, this issue is digital only. We apologize and promise that we will be back in print! Articles in this issue cover topics from AWS and .NET Core to SwiftUI and much more.

Articles in this issue:

  • Markus talks about hard times before and after the pandemic and quarantine.
  • With so many different definitions for authentication, it’s hard to know what’s involved. Sahil provides the basics to get you up to speed.
  • When you need your app to be reusable, testable, and maintainable, you need MVVM in MVC. Paul shows you why and how to get the most out of it.
  • Julie takes an existing small ASP.NET Core API that uses EF Core and then uses EF Core migrations to create a database on AWS, interact with the database, and explore secrets management for the database credentials both locally and for a deployed app.
  • In this fourth article of the series, Bilal continues working on his ToDo list as he connects an Angular front-end application with a NestJS back-end API.
  • Wei-Meng uses the iOS’s declarative programming framework SwiftUI to develop a simple user interface for iOS and macOS applications, and teaches you how it works at the same time.
  • Ciprian and Markus talk about what’s coming in artificial intelligence and beyond.
  • John considers life and routine in a whole new world.

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