Help Us Make CODE Even Better!

At CODE, we help people build better software. We do so in all kinds of ways, ranging from mentoring and consulting to publishing CODE Magazine. We are always looking for smart, creative and proactive people with expert software development knowledge and skills. We invite you to come and join our global CODE Ohana ("ohana" is Hawaiian for "extended family").

How to apply

First, take a look at the openings listed below. Pick the one (or multiples) you are interested in. Clicking on the link shows more detail about each position. It will also give you an application form. Please fill out the form. Do not call us. Filling out the form makes sure your application goes into our system and doesn't go overlooked.

A Diverse and Distributed Team

At CODE, we believe in the power of diverse teams. We have always welcomed people from all walks of life, no matter what race, religion, sex, or origin. We feel this is what makes us stronger. Bringing together people from anywhere with all kinds of experiences and areas of expertise gives us a competitive advantage. Having a corporate setup that allows for distributed work breaks down a lot of barriers.

Employees vs. Contractors

In addition to hiring full-time employees, we may also have opportunities for freelancers and contractors. Take a look at each listed opening to see the details. Note that specific criteria applies for contractors to be considered "contractors". Employee benefits only apply to actual employees who satisfy certain criteria (details will be shared with you once you send in your application).

Current Career Opportunities: