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  • Software vendors and conferences would tell you that the desktop is dead, but if you’re a working consultant, you know that’s not true. Mike dives into a great tool using WinForms to show you what you’ve been missing.
  • Did you know that you can create a simple one-line menu system using two C# classes and a little bit of Razor code in an MVC page to create a hierarchical menu structure for drop-down menus? Paul shows you how.
  • If you ever thought you’d like to develop the Next Big Thing, you’ll need Q’s advice about how to get started and what to do before you start writing code.
  • Those helpful buttons for minimize, maximize, and close functions need to be added to your WPF pages if you don’t want to crowd your user’s screen. Paul shows you how.
  • Have you ever watched someone impatiently click again and again on a button? Paul explains how that can slow the server down and how to prevent the delay. He also looks at glyphs that tell users that their device got the message and is working on it.
  • Originally published as a blog post - Fixing Web UI
  • Just when you think a container is simple, your user resizes the screen and mayhem ensues. If you want to know what happened—or prevent it, better yet—read Markus’ piece about the XAML layout engine.
  • If you thought that pages and dialogs that need a response from a user couldn’t be unit tested, John will show you how it’s done using dependency inversion.