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In our feature article, Stefano Tempestra writes about design patterns for creating reliable distributed systems. Other great articles in this issue include Shawn Wildermuth discussing Vue.js for jQuery developers; Sahil Malik shares why machine learning and AI are obvious solutions when you have a lot of data to manage; Paul D. Sheriff contributes part three in his series on building a WPF business application, and Bilal Haidar continues with part two of his Nest.js series. Plus other great content. Enjoy!

Articles in this issue:

  • Rod sniffs out some questionable code.
  • It’s when you’re working with lots of data that you start looking around for an easier way to keep track of it all. Machine learning and artificial intelligence seem like the obvious answers, and Sahil shows you why.
  • In the third installment of his WPF series, Paul shows you how to get feedback using an Entity Framework entity class. He also shows you how to start expanding user activities, like adding, editing, or deleting screens.
  • If you use a package management tool, like NuGet, Node Package Manager (NPM) for JavaScript, or Maven for Java, you already know how they simplify and automate library consumption. John shows you how to make sure that the packages you download don’t cause more troubles than they solve.
  • If you don’t need the enormity of a SPA, you don’t have to lose the benefits of a framework. Shawn recommends using Vue to simplify the code and make it both more reliable and more testable.
  • Peter introduces you to GraphQL so your REST API client list can grow and change without a lot of pain. You can use strongly typed schema, eliminated over- and under-fetching, and you can get analytics about how clients are really using your API.
  • Stefano explores using containers for reusable components and patterns to simplify making reliable distributed systems. He leans on microservices to place all functionality within a single application.
  • Bilal continues showing us just how interesting, useful, and easy it is to integrate Nest.js with TypeORM. You’ll get to replace mock data from the first article with real data this time, too.
  • Using Flutter, Google’s latest cross-platform framework for developing iOS and Android apps, Wei-Meng shows you how easy developing mobile-apps can be.
  • When maintaining the hierarchy of a file system and integrating security limits you to a single point of access, you might have some heavy lifting to do while you wait for Microsoft to supply a tool to automate this task. Mike and his team found a great work-around that will keep you happy until the tool is available.
  • Ted talks about why it is we're always running out of time--or THINK we are.

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