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  • In the last issue of CODE Magazine, we took a look at CODE Framework’s WPF features. This time, we are going to look at a completely different area of the framework: Creating business logic and middle tiers as SOA services. SOA is the cornerstone of many modern applications, creating systems that are more maintainable, flexible, and suitable for a wide range of scenarios, ranging from Windows to Web and Mobile scenarios using a wide variety of technologies, and outperfor...See More
  • Delivering applications and services that are highly available is expensive.
  • In episode #337 (jeez, can you believe we’ve produced so many shows?) Richard and I talked to Jim Webber, Global Architecture Lead for Thoughtworks, about his favorite topic, Guerilla SOA.
  • Peter introduces you to GraphQL so your REST API client list can grow and change without a lot of pain. You can use strongly typed schema, eliminated over- and under-fetching, and you can get analytics about how clients are really using your API.
  • So much of the literature about writing application now involves Web services.Many publications and blogs consider Web services to be the silver bullet because they are so easy to implement in .NET and do very easily interoperate with disconnected systems. But are people really using Web services the way they should be used? I beg to differ on that point.
  • Do you ever feel like you’re beating your head against a wall? I know I do; quite often, in fact. It seems like developers spend half of their time bending technology to their purposes when the technology doesn’t really quite fit. Well, I’m actually thinking of one problem in particular right now, namely that of validation. Can you think of a more boring topic? There are few, but I think you can agree that it is an extremely important one in business software.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA, is the newest acronym to become a buzzword among developers, IT Managers, and CTOs.It seems that everyone is talking about making an SOA and how much it will improve their operations, yet most people are hard-pressed to define not only what an SOA is, but also to quantify what specific value it might provide to their organizations. Many simply assert that their SOA architecture comprises a group of Web Services through which they ca...See More
  • This article will present a crash-course in the basics of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). WCF is one of the exciting new capabilities in the .NET 3.0 Framework. It provides a unified and uniform programming model for building distributed applications. Those who previously built multiple code bases to deal with Web services and .NET remoting will surely come to appreciate the power standardization that WCF offers. WCF, like any other new technology, requires resea...See More
  • Along with an easy site with which you can access your account, there are many really cool Twitter clients out there. This is thanks to an exposed API that you can use to access all of Twitter’s features. The great thing is that this API uses a technology that WCF has embraced completely; I’m talking about REST. Though you can certainly use straight network programming to access and update your Twitter account, why not use the technology that Microsoft has put all their ...See More