Articles filed in category 'Azure ML Studio'

  • It’s when you’re working with lots of data that you start looking around for an easier way to keep track of it all. Machine learning and artificial intelligence seem like the obvious answers, and Sahil shows you why.
  • Bots are no longer some cool effect in a sci-fi movie. Sahil shows you how to begin programming yours.
  • Got a sinking feeling that you’re missing something in Artificial Intelligence? This article is only the tip of the iceberg, but Wei-Meng offers you a helping hand into the lifeboat called Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  • When it’s time to wire your house to precipitate your every whim or need, you want to be sure that your robot doesn’t mistake “catsup” for “catnip.” Sahil talks about facial recognition and how it’s connected to speech and understanding.
  • In this next installment of his exploration into artificial intelligence, Sahil explores Microsoft Cognitive Services’ ability to recognize voices from a thirty-second sample.
  • Using Cognitive Services, Wei-Meng shows you how ordinary mortals can create intelligent machines with human-like reactions. Siri and Alexa (and your Roomba) are going to have some new friends once you see how accessible it all is.