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  • Mastery of mobile platforms makes you a better developer and can really give you more job opportunities. But let’s face it: The list of mobile platforms that offer more healthy prospects doesn’t yet include Windows Phone and Windows 8. Your outlook is just plain better if you can code for iOS or Android.
  • From users to developers, mobile applications used to be (not so long ago) uninteresting. Complicated flows, non-intuitive screens and limited features available used to discourage anyone. PDAs had a poor user interface with limited colors (the first ones were only black and white). It was very complicated and boring to write any code for it. Cell phones used to be a device where you could make and receive phone calls. Eventually you could play some games. But you know w...See More
  • Carl Franklin .NET Rocks Column
  • Hudson makes continuous integration easy and powerful.Though Hudson is a Java project, it can easily build your .NET applications. You configure Hudson easily via the web interface rather than tweaking XML. With plenty of plugins available to .NET projects, Hudson provides plenty of powerful features.
  • Kotlin is now the preferred language for Android developers. Are you ready to make the switch? Wei-Meng shows you how.
  • Ted takes you on a little spelunk into Java, replete with some history for context.