Articles filed in category 'Docker'

  • Sahil shows us how DevOps (formerly called VSTS) can connect disparate functionality using two of his favorite tools: Docker and Angular.
  • Today’s devs have to be nimble. Your app has to work on a multitude of platforms and meet any number of platform-specific demands. Mike explains how a new tool called Docker can help you deploy your apps on everything from Linux to .NET and leave you hardly breaking a sweat.
  • If you’ve been developing IDEs in .NET, you’ve probably heard about JetBrains’ Rider. Chris and Maarten show you that the time is right to dive in.
  • Ted explores this great open-source tool that performs OS-level virtualization and helps your system recognize changes in code.
  • Like everyone else, you’ve probably been struggling with virtualization taking up a lot of space on your laptop. Sahil shows you a great way to lessen the demand while increasing the performance with Docker.
  • Maarten explores containers, especially in regard to an ASP.NET Core application, and uses JetBrains Rider as an IDE to build and debug apps in a Docker container.