Code Camps

If you are a Code Camp attendee, find out the answers to your questions here. Please keep in mind that each Code Camp is independently run, so the details may vary for the event in your area.

If you are a Code Camp Organizer, please see the Organizer section below for information about listing your event and getting a CODE Sponsorship package - including free CODE Magazines and free CODE Magazine subscriptions for all your attendees.

Code Camp FAQs

  • What are Code Camps?

    Code camps are independently run conferences about code and development. Presenters are typically members of the local community and presentation topics are often suggested by attendees. These events are normally free to attend and are usually held outside of regular working hours, usually on a Saturday during the spring and fall.

  • How much does it cost?

    Most Code Camps are free, but depending on your area there may be a small fee. Seating is limited, so advanced registration is almost always required.

  • When will the next Code Camp be?

    Code camps normally are held in the spring and fall. You can check the list here or ask your local user group, since often local user groups also partcipate in Code Camps.

If you have additional questions, please contact your local Code Camp organizer. Please note that each Code Camp Event is independently run and is in no way affiliated with CODE, CODE Magazine or EPS Software Corp.

For Code Camp Organizers:

Free Sponsorships

If you would like to have your event listed on this page, would like to receive free CODE Magazines for your event, or free CODE Magazine Subscriptions for your participants, please email with the following information:

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Please include any special instructions or let us know if you DON'T want your event listed on this page. If you send us the info, we will post it here unless you specifically ask us not to!

Upcoming Code Camps

Sorry, there are no upcoming Code Camps in our database. Please check back soon.


CODE Magazine’s sponsorship contribution of our Code Camp helped make it a success, as well as making it so easy to participate in! Our members really enjoy CODE Magazine and it's not unusual for our weekly special interest groups (SIGS) to use articles as inspiration and information for the study sessions. Making the yearly discounted subscription available is a big deal to us!

Greg Pugh
TRINUG President

I found Markus to be an excellent presenter with informed observations and a good mix of code, slides, and examples.

Brian Federia

Good event! Appreciated the content, timely and well presented.

W. Newquay