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With Microsoft's recent Xamarin announcements, Xamarin is HOT! Learn how to create mobile UI's with Xamarin.Forms. Other topics include Lean Controllers in iOS Apps, HTML5 Audio, AngularJS2 and more!

Articles in this issue:

  • Rod explores some of the things that hold us back when we want to start a new project, including FEAR.
  • It seems like only yesterday that Facebook acquired Parse so that developers could focus more on the frontend than the backend of their apps. In January 2017, they’re shuttin...
  • When you wrap your JavaScript code into a closure, you won’t have bugs caused by unnecessary variables. Paul shows you how to do this using a templating tool called Mustache, ...
  • Sahil shows us a few nifty aspects of AngularJS 2 that help experienced and novice developers alike. AngularJS 2 is still in beta, but he says that you’ll love it even so.
  • If you want your Web page to hold audio recordings that play when users want them to, you’ll want to read John’s article. He shows you that it’s not only quick, but it’s easy!
  • Functional programming is all the rage and Microsoft's foray into the functional world is called F#. Rachel introduces you to this first-class functional language with the abi...
  • There’s no longer a simple answer to what sort of device your page will be viewed upon. Walt examines the options and shows you how to make sure that yours will look great on ...
  • Miguel looks at organizing styles and integrating technologies to make one spiffy new kind of app with multi-SPA layers, and you don’t have to throw away your Microsoft experience to do it.
  • Have you been struggling with sluggish apps? Perhaps all that’s needed is a little tightening of the code. Mohammad makes your apps lean and mean again with a simple ToDo example.
  • SQL Server’s Reporting Services is still the best workhorse for getting data to your users. Kevin tells you how to take advantage of some of its more subtle points.
  • Ted takes a serious look at who's responsible when things go wrong.

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