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Wow! Our 100th issue! We kick off our 100th issue with exploring the new features in Visual Studio 2017 as well as articles on Angular, Office 365 Connectors and Webhooks, SQL Server, C# 7.0, ASP.NET Web API and more!

Articles in this issue:

  • Rod reflects on 100 issues of CODE Magazine.
  • CRUD’s a part of everyday life for a lot of devs. If you’re one of them, you’ll be interested in this first installation of Paul’s new series on using Angular.
  • Just when it seems like Office 365 is everywhere, you’ll learn something that makes you glad it’s so ubiquitous. Sahil begins a new series with an interesting look at Office 365’s WebHooks.
  • If you’ve ever wondered whether you need a patent or if a copyright is good enough, you’ll find John’s research into the subject fascinating.
  • You’ve been plodding along, nose to the grindstone, and you might not have realized that there are some useful tools out there that can make your .NET projects a little more f...
  • You already know that SQL Server’s Reporting Services tools are useful. Kevin shows you some nifty work-arounds and extra-credit tricks that will make your reports sing.
  • It’s so new that the dust is still settling, and VS2017 was worth the wait. Markus explores the ins and outs of his favorite new features.
  • Just when you think you know what’s up in C#, they release a new version. This one’s got pattern matching, tuples, and local functions along with improvements to existing feat...
  • Rick follows up on his server-side Angular back end for ASP.NET Core with this interesting look at the matching front end.
  • Jason explores TestFlight, a new tool for testing your iOS apps. It has some nifty notification tools, which makes it easier to have a lot of testers—or just a few, depending ...
  • It’s not a new product, but Michael shows you some tips and tricks that you might not know and that will make coding in Python a joy
  • Ted looks at how interviewing practices need to change with the times, just as software does.
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