In the Latest Issue:

  • Editorial

    Rod takes a look at how to evaluate the winners and losers when it comes to new technologies.

  • Manager’s Corner: Words Matter

    Words aren’t the only aspect of good communication. Mike teaches us that the code should stand on its own, now, next week, next year, and for the next decade.

  • SharePoint Custom Code Performance

    If you’ve ever wondered why SharePoint is so slow and if there was anything you could do about it, you’ll want to read Sahil’s exploration of this common problem.

  • Node.js Best Practices

    You might have heard about Node.js and always wanted to try it. With Ben’s guidance, you can get a simple Node.js app up and running, and learn about some other useful tools as you go.

  • Python for C# Developers

    Michael compares Python to .NET and C#, and shows us why you’d want which one and when.

  • Building a Simple NodeJS API on Microsoft Azure Websites from Start to Finish

    Rick illustrates the benefits and shortcomings of using NodeJS, and also builds a handy tool for making shortened URLs while he’s at it!

  • Using Ruby to Find Beer

    Ruby is a very popular programming language. Ben explains why it’s so popular and helps us build our first app. And he helps us find beer.

  • XAML Anti-Patterns: Virtualization

    Markus shows us why virtualization gets a bad reputation and how to clean it up.

  • What’s New in CODE Framework in 2014

    There are a bunch of hot new tools in CODE Framework that you’ll want to explore, including a new theme, new View Actions, List improvements, a Flow Form layout, support for n...

  • On Mental Strength

    13 Things Mentally Strong Programmers Avoid

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The Latest issue:
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New tools are always good! See how adding Ruby and Python to your toolbox can make you a better programmer! Other topics include Node.js, XAML, WPF and CODE Framework.

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