There are many things I love about working at Microsoft, but one that stands out is the Power Platform. It has been incredible to watch the rapid growth of the Microsoft Power Platform, a collection of low-code tools consisting of Power Apps for creating applications, Power Automate for streamlining workflows, Power BI for analyzing data, Power Pages for developing websites, and Power Virtual Agents for building AI-driven chatbots.

Yet what inspires me the most about the Power Platform is who it empowers. A diverse spectrum of creators, from non-coders to seasoned developers, can now collaborate and turn their ideas into realities. Power Platform empowers everyone to be a developer and enjoy the benefits that entails!

Throughout the evolution of software development, from the era of mainframes and punch cards to today, the constant pursuit has been to simplify, streamline, and democratize how people create solutions. Each simplification unlocked more opportunities for developers and more digital solutions for companies. Now, with the low-code tools within the Power Platform, it has never been easier, with over 30 million users creating solutions! Not to mention that low-code is just the beginning: new capabilities enabled by generative AI and copilots are increasingly enabling anyone to develop software through natural language, images, and examples.

As you delve into the pages of this issue of CODE, I am excited to invite you to explore the space where you can craft incredible solutions that take advantage of cutting-edge AI. The rapid rise of low-code development over the last few years owes its trajectory to remarkable advancements in AI. Imagine building game-changing applications not just with intricate code, but also through intelligent visual interfaces. Picture tapping into the brilliance of machine learning in every project without needing a Ph.D. in data science. Or envision the boundless possibilities when AI becomes your copilot, completing code, visual design, and automation within your solutions.

Low-code's impact stretches far beyond the acceleration of development; it challenges us to rethink collaboration across domains of expertise. It empowers us all to be innovators, to experiment without constraints, and to extend technology's reach into unexplored corners of various industries. Developer teams will look different in the future - with more coders, and more business users, participating side-by-side to create solutions.

Within these pages, we will introduce you to the Power Platform products and their transformative potential. We invite you to immerse yourself in our offerings, learn about Power Fx - the universal low-code language that spans the Power Platform - and understand how Dataverse makes it easy to compliantly manage all your business data. If you have already used one of the products in the Power Platform family, we encourage you to try others.

As we navigate this landscape of endless possibilities, may you discover inspiration, gain valuable insights, and embrace a fresh perspective on how Power Platform and low-code development, especially within the expansive realms of AI, are reshaping the future.

Thank you for your unwavering curiosity and for joining us on this galactic odyssey. We are unlocking the true potential of low-code and AI as we voyage through the digital cosmos!

Charles Lamanna

Corporate Vice President,

Business Applications & Platforms, Microsoft