CoDe Magazine announces the debut of “CoDe on the Road,” a feature in future issues dedicated to .NET-related events where CoDe Magazine is present.

Whether it’s INETA, Code Camps, user group meetings, or developer-centric conferences, CoDe Magazine is in the thick of it! To have your event, speaker, or group displayed in “CoDe on the Road,” simply e-mail a picture along with a brief caption and CoDe Magazine may feature it in a future issue! “CoDe on the Road” helps you spread the word about your group or recent event to the Microsoft developer community! “CoDe on the Road” will also have an on-line element to feature more photos and future event news. We encourage you to keep submissions, but do not forget to have a little fun with them! Submit your pictures (minimum 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF) to for review and publication. Note: CoDe Magazine reserves the right to republish, edit (for size and usability) all pictures submitted to “CoDe on the Road” without exception.Include your full name with the photo along with your shipping address.

(1) Joe Healy, Microsoft .NET Developer Evangelist, and the whole gang from the 2nd Annual Tallahassee .NET Code Camp, share a festive moment at the conclusion of their event in April 2006.
(2) CoDe Magazine writer and Tech Ed speaker Dr. Neil Roodyn visits with mascot “CoDey” at Tech Ed in Boston, June 2006.
(3) CoDe Magazine Circulation Manager Cleo Gaither and friends are fired up about the latest issue of CoDe!
(4) Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks fame ask CoDey if he really caught their last show.
(5) Ambrose Little, CoDe Magazine writer and Tech Ed speaker proudly displays his CoDe tattoo.
(6) At the Huntsville Visual Studio .NET User Group meeting: “There’s one in every bunch!”