Crash Course for using jQuery and AJAX with ASP.NET

This event took place on Thursday, January 1, 2009.

Untitled Page Crash Course for using jQuery and Ajax with ASP.NET
Taught by Rick Strahl of West Wind Technologies

Find out how to take advantage of the power of jQuery in your Web applications in this intensive 3 day course that covers a wide range of topics for using jQuery in your ASP.NET applications. The course covers the basics of JavaScript and Ajax, the core client side features of jQuery, integration of jQuery via Ajax callbacks against ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC applications and extending of jQuery via plug-ins both third party and your own. The course is taught via instructor led live code samples and walkthroughs.

Students may attend either in the EPS offices in Houston, TX or live online with GoToMeeting.

jQuery is a compact and powerful JavaScript library that greatly simplifies JavaScript and HTML DOM manipulation. jQuery's appeal lies in its compact implementation and flexible and elegant use of selectors to select document elements and manipulate them using jQuery's flexible and intuitive functions in a browser independent way. From AJAX functionality, to easy DOM manipulation, to simplified event handling, to simple effects this compact library provides many ways to make client scripting much easier and… actually fun. Additionally a vast community of add-in authors have added hundreds of extremely useful, easy to use and free plug-ins that provide many common useful features to common client side tasks.

This course starts with the basics of JavaScript and AJAX, covers the core features of jQuery's client side features, moves on to Ajax functionality and integration with ASP.NET (both WebForms and MVC) and finally covers jQuery extensibility by demonstrating a host of useful plug-ins and how to extend jQuery on your own by creating custom plug-ins, selectors as well as creation of ASP.NET components that wrap jQuery functionality. The course is taught primarily through trainer demonstrated code examples created or walked through in class. Audience participation in guiding the format of the class is encouraged.

Course Topics
We'll start with a short review of important JavaScript and AJAX concepts you should be familiar with in order to build rich Web applications that use AJAX and JavaScript extensively before diving into the details of using jQuery in your development environment.

Next we'll go through an overview of the core features that jQuery provides followed by an in depth look at the client side features offered by jQuery. jQuery is based on a few powerful core concepts that we'll highlight by way of useful examples. We'll look at the power of selectors and DOM traversal , the power of matched set operations to operate on matched elements and how to effectively take advantage of jQuery's simplified event management features to create unobtrusive JavaScript.

Next we'll turn our focus to server side integration and look at a number of ways that you can use jQuery's Ajax features in combination with ASP.NET from raw callbacks to several support tools including ASMX/WCF services and using some custom helpers to callback to ASP.NET applications both in Web Forms and MVC applications. At this point we'll focus on building and reviewing a number of examples that employ many of the features of jQuery.

Finally we'll take a close look at extending jQuery with plug-ins by looking at a number of highly useful third party plug-ins as well as discussing how to build your own plug-ins and query selectors to extend jQuery with your custom functionality as well as integrating client side functionality with server side ASP.NET controls in Web Forms and MVC.

This course covers a wide range of jQuery topics from a practical usage perspective and focuses on using jQuery pure without the help of Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX. It covers basic functionality all the way to advanced topics so this course is appropriate for developers of all skill levels although some familiarity with ASP.NET is definitely recommended.

Basic familiarity with ASP.NET
Course is taught in C#

Every Student Receives:
Slide Deck
Source Code
Downloadable recordings of all the sessions
Certificate of Completion
Free CODE Magazine subscription