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CODE Presents: The CODE Lisperer’s Guide to .NET Integration with Microsoft 365

There are many ways to integrate custom code into Microsoft Office/365, but none provide the raw power, code simplicity, developer reach, or rapid development benefits of combining a proper Lisp with the Common Language Runtime (CLR). In this webinar we will explore several examples of both Scheme and Clojure as proper Lisps powering Microsoft 365 from the inside-out—on top of the .NET runtime. Bob Calco, Chief Architect & Lead Developer at Apex Data Solutions, LLC, will give a sneak preview of features from the upcoming Professional Edition of Acceλerate for Microsoft 365, which will change how you think about “upsizing” and modernizing Office solutions to the cloud. ● Lambdas as reusable business objects in Excel formulas—and SQL functions! ● Database transparency vs the anti-pattern of storing data directly in Excel. ● Writing macros/syntax extensions to build DSLs for Office solutions. ● Office artifacts as portable, linked-data microservices to support data interoperability.

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