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Are you a developer who is interested in learning about Windows 8? Brought to you by CODE Consulting and CODE Magazine, this page contains links to various Windows 8 resources.

State of .NET - Windows 8 Tour


Our free State of .NET Events are designed for developers and IT decision makers. Join Markus Egger, Microsoft RD and one of the longest running MVPs, for an afternoon of free information. This is NOT marketing hype! Markus will discuss which tecnologies are worth investing time and money in, and which ones to avoid, with an in depth look at Windows 8.

Download Material from Past Events

Did you miss the most recent State of .NET - Windows 8 Tour?

No problem! You can download the latest slides and code samples and watch the videos.

Windows 8 Events

State of .NET - BUILD 2024 Recap

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 - Only 8 days to go!

Recap of the most important news and information from the Microsoft BUILD 2024 conference in Seattle.

Windows 8 Articles in CODE Magazine

  • Azure Skyline: Remote App—Hosting Desktop Apps in Azure
  • Asynchronous Pattern Redux for XAML Developers
  • Editorial
  • A Windows 8 Look and Feel for WPF, Part 3
  • The Easiest Path to Windows 8: HTML + CSS + JavaScript
  • An Overview of the Windows Phone 8 SDK
  • The Skeptical Coder: Fixing Windows 8 and WinRT
  • CODE Framework: Documents, Printing, and Interactive Document UIs
  • A Windows 8 Look and Feel for WPF, Part 2
  • A Windows 8 Look and Feel for WPF, Part 1
  • Converting XAML-Based Applications to Windows 8
  • Intro to Metro
  • CODE Framework: Building Services and SOA Business Layers
  • CODE Framework: Writing MVVM/MVC WPF Applications
  • Developing a Metro Style App with HTML and JavaScript
  • Managed Coder: Thoughts of a //Build/ Gone By

  • Windows 8 Tools by CODE Consulting

    XAML Dialect Comparer

    This tool allows for comparison of different XAML dialects and utilized framework namespaces. Want to know if your Silverlight project will translate well to Windows 8? And whether your Windows 8 assets can be reused in your Windows Phone app? What about that WPF app?

    This helpful tool provides some interesting metrics. Note that it only compares types/classes and all their members. It makes no comparison of behavior differences between classes and members of identical names.

    Download the XAML Dialect Comparer here.

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