Introduction to Development with (Azure) OpenAI, GPT, DALL-E, and more...

Presenter: Markus Egger

This event took place on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

Instructor: Markus Egger - Author, International Speaker and Microsoft Regional Director (RD)

When: Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 9:00am - 4:30pm CT (UTC-5)

Where: On Site at Our Houston Office or Remotely

An Exciting New Era of AI

The Age of AI is bringing about a transformative change, but what does this mean for you, specifically?

With the advent of Copilots and other novel user interface and interaction paradigms, every system, application, and user will be impacted. As Markus, the presenter, Microsoft Regional Director, and founder of CODE, has emphasized, “Applications without Copilot capabilities are now legacy!” Microsoft has already integrated Copilot capabilities in every application, or is in the process of doing so. The question is, can you provide Copilot features in your own applications?

This one-day training class, delivered in a lecture-style format, introduces the core concepts and capabilities behind OpenAI's features, with a special focus on GPT and LLMs (Large Language Models) - which serve as the basis for many current AI topics - and DALL-E AI image generation. The class will cover both direct integration of OpenAI's APIs, as well as the enterprise-focussed Azure OpenAI cognitive service implementation provided by Microsoft.

Markus will provide insights into what to expect from the current generation of AI, including its capabilities and limitations, and the potential dangers of AI. Additionally, he will explain how AI can make organizations more productive and competitive in the modern world.

The training will then progress to a demonstration of how to integrate modern AI capabilities in applications, regardless of their type or system. Markus will show attendees how to call OpenAI APIs in various ways and impart important skills, such as prompt engineering. Markus will show real-world implementations of Copilot systems in custom applications.

The following image shows a custom application with a built-in Copilot:

It is important to note that while a one-day training class cannot replace the thousands of hours required to master AI, the goal of this class is to equip attendees with the fundamental capabilities needed to start developing AI-driven applications productively.

Participants will leave the training with an understanding of AI development, enabling them to approach such projects independently. They will also gain sufficient insight into the subject matter to make intelligent decisions that will help their organizations succeed in the future.

This training class is programming-language agnostic, although most samples will be in C# and Python. Prior knowledge of AI is not required, and the course is taught in a lecture-style format.