Senior C# Developer

CODE Consulting and CODE Staffing is currently accepting resumes for several strong full-time (remote or on-site), Senior C# Developer to join our custom software application team of contract and full-time employees. You’ll work both collaboratively and independently on one or two customer projects at a time.

Job Description

The position requires working on a variety of projects, spanning a list of technologies. Projects usually fall in the "full stack" category for .NET development. This includes front end, API/service layers, database access, and more. Front ends are typically web-based but could also include mobile or desktop applications.

Note: Not every candidate has to know all the technologies involved, but - of course - the more, the better 😉.


Our office is located in Houston, TX, but most of the team is remote either in the USA or western Europe. We work collaboratively using Slack and Microsoft Teams. CODE Consulting brings us together 1-2 times per year for team building and fun and we have bi-weekly development meetings where the team discusses new topics; we’re always learning.

Job Requirements:

  • Several years of software development experience
  • .NET
  • Entity Framework Core
  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • VS Code and/or Visual Studio
  • Desktop development experience is a plus
  • Web development experience is a plus
  • Domain-driven design (DDD), Clean Architecture, Docker, PowerShell, Bash, and Vue.js experience a plus

Job Info

  • 1099 contract position. May become full-time (with benefits) for the right candidate
  • 40 hours per week; set your schedule but be available some business hours for meetings
  • Remote work or work from our office in Houston, TX

About CODE Consulting and CODE Staffing

CODE Consulting is a premier consulting and custom app-dev shop, headquartered in Houston, TX. CODE prides itself in having a top-tier group of developers to work on in-house and customer-facing products.

CODE Staffing exists to provide top-of-the-line contingent staff to key clients that we partner with strategically to enable their business.

We do this by providing a great environment for our employees, so that we minimize churn for our clients. We encourage a rigorous focus on training so that we can provide the best people. We have regular meetings with our client’s executives so that we understand their business and where they are going with technology, so that we can provide the best people for the job.

Applicant Information:

Senior C# Developer



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Category Area 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Cloud AWS
Cloud Azure
Cloud Google Cloud
Database CosmosDB
Database Entity Framework
Database Hadoop / Big Data
Database MongoDB
Database MySQL
Database NoSQL
Database Oracle
Database Postgres
Database SQL Server
Desktop UWP
Desktop Winforms
Desktop WPF
Language C#
Language Java
Language Objective-C
Language Python
Language Swift
Language VB.NET
Language Visual FoxPro (VFP)
Mobile Android
Mobile iOS
Mobile Xamarin
Other AI/ML
Other DevOps
Other Docker
Other Elastic
Other Git
Other TFS Build Server
Other TFS General
Services .NET Core
Services Rest Services / JSON
Services WCF
Services WebApi
Skill Graphic Design
Skill SSRS
Skill UI Design
Web .NET Core
Web Angular
Web ASP.NET Core
Web ASP.NET Web Forms
Web Blazor/WebAssembly
Web BootStrap
Web CSS 3
Web HTML (4/5)
Web JavaScript
Web JQuery
Web Knockout.js
Web Node.js
Web React
Web TypeScript
Web Vue.js
Web WebGL