State of .NET - online (free event)

Fundamental .NET Tech - With Markus Egger

Markus Egger

Markus Egger presents the State of .NET Online. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, we too were forced to move our events online. We decided to create a series of State of .NET online events that each focus on a specific topic. Markus Egger (President and CSA of EPS Software Corp., and Microsoft Regional Director) starts out focusing on as pure a topic for this series of events as possible: The fundamental .NET technolologies and where we are at with .NET Core, the full .NET Framework, the upcoming .NET 5, and even other related technologies, such as Blazor, Xamarin, cross-platform, development environments, and more.

This event took place on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

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April 29, 2020 - Wednesday
Start time: 1:00pm EST
Duration: 60 minutes

This webinar has concluded. A recording of the webinar and slides are available here:

We've created a series of State of .NET online events each focusing on a specific .NET topic. Our first event covers core .NET technologies.

Join Markus Egger (President & Chief Software Architect of EPS Software Corp. and Microsoft Regional Director) as he launches our online series with his “Core .NET Technologies” presentation.

Topics covered in this 60-minute event include:

  • .NET Core
  • The full .NET Framework
  • The upcoming .NET 5
  • Blazor web development (using .NET technologies)
  • Xamarin for mobile .NET development
  • Cross-platform .NET on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code development environments
  • and more…

This inaugural event kicks off our series educating developers worldwide and focuses on .NET and Microsoft ecosystem-oriented topics. Future events over the next few months will take a closer look at various Azure and AWS technologies, Cognitive Services, machine learning & AI, an in-depth look at Blazor, DevOps, and several other topics. You're NOT going to want to miss any of these! Registered today and qualify for a free digital subscription to CODE Magazine.