ASP Applications and ASP Component Tools

Add powerful components to your ASP.NET application with components from VisualASP. VisualASP offers flexible, pre-built controls for your Web application. VisualASP offers a TreeView, MonthView, ListView and TabView controls that are much more flexible and powerful than the ASP.NET built in controls. Not sure what you need or if you need them at all? No problem! VisualASP offers a “try-before-you-buy” option so you can test out the component in your environment.

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Reporting nightmares keeping you up?

Stop loosing sleep over it! IntelliVIEW from Synaptris allows you to easily design interactive reports that transform data from ANY datasource. Reporting is simply integrated into applications developed in Java, .NET, and other client-server platforms. IntelliVIEW also gives the non-developer a simple means to make ad-hoc reporting.

Microsoft's Office 2003 is on the way…

Featuring full support of industry standard XML for integration with your XML-capable application, Microsoft Office System 2003 also offers advanced information security features to help control access to your sensitive data. For more information, pick up the current edition of CoDe Focus by the publishers of CoDe Magazine.

Learning SOAP?

Get a jump start for your distributed Internet application with Understanding Soap: The Authoritative Solution by Kenn Scribner, et al. Understanding Soap gives the reader a full understanding of the SOAP protocol before going into advance uses in your Internet application. Also covered is integration with existing DCOM architecture. A must have for the Internet application builder.

New to Web services?

Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDIby Steve Graham, et al, gives readers an in-depth look at developing Web services on the Java platform from the ground up. Focusing on Java Web services, this book takes the reader through the entire application process, from start to finish. Are you a Microsoft developer? (Probably if you're reading CoDe Magazine.) Building Web Services includes many sidebars for the Microsoft languages, as well as a section on the integration of J2EE and .NET applications.

Looking for open source tools?

Visit for all of your C# and VB .NET open source (GPL) tools. The team at IC#Code has developed several GPL products for which full source code and executables are available. Current products are #develop (SharpDevelop), an integrated C# and VB .NET development environment, #ziplib(SharpZipLibrary), a compression library written completely in C#, and #wt(Sharp Widget Toolkit) for porting the Java SWT to C# and .NET.

Need to keep all your code straight? IC#Code also offers #cvslib (Sharp Current Versioning System) to help you maintain the integrity of your code versions.

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