Alachisoft provides .NET TierDeveloper

Alachisoft has added the Microsoft .NET platform to the list of supported development environments for its TierDeveloper product.

TierDeveloper was designed as a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for customers who want to design and develop Enterprise systems in Java, J2EE, or Microsoft technologies.

It can generate code for Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Objects, .NET components in C# and VB.NET, and Windows MTS components in C++ and VB.

A data object is responsible for doing all the database interaction for either the business logic objects, the web services objects, or the Graphical User Interface in JSP/ASP/ASP.NET. The data object is mapped to one or more tables in the database and the table columns are represented as data object attributes.

TierDeveloper also generates a JSP/ASP.NET/ASP application to allow testing the data objects, and generates design documents in HTML.

TierDeveloper is a Windows application that connects to a database server, reads the schema, and lets the developer define data objects against tables and generate code for the target language and platform.

Alphora prepares Dataphor .NET product

Dataphor, from Alphora, is a set of technologies which the company says can solve inadequacies of current database systems. Problems such as query non-updatability, lack of navigational access, join information loss, static data types, schema duplication, and three-valued logic are addressed by the product.

Other features include unified navigational access, an extensible data dictionary and database level constraints.

The Dataphor Frontend is a group of technologies focused on providing a user interface for database applications. In combination with the Dataphor Data Access Engine (DAE), the Dataphor Frontend attempts to drastically reduce development and maintenance time.

“These tools are designed to automate repetitive tasks in the database application development lifecycle,” describes Nathan Allan, Director of Development for Alphora. “Given a data model, our tools automatically provide a complete application. As that model changes, so does the application.”

The product is written in Microsoft Visual C# and is extensible by languages which meet the requirements of the Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime specification. It was scheduled for release sometime after the release of Visual Studio .NET.

AppsChannel Visual Workbench flow tool

Visual Workbench, a Visual Studio .NET programming add-in, combines a drag-and-drop interface with a flowchart paradigm, allowing the programmer to communicate with designers and other programmers without using software code.

According to Visual Workbench promotional materials, flowcharting works particularly well within the Visual Studio .Net environment with its common data typing and common object model for all languages.

The flowchart components within Visual Workbench include the Flow Process, a visual flowchart that represents the entire program procedure, and AppsChannels, which interface with all programming components.

By using the Code Procedures feature, a programmer can block a section of code and let it represent a unit within the flowchart. This lets the programmer intermingle code segments along with a flow process defined in the flowchart.

Everything within Visual Workbench, including flowcharts, data, interfaces and structures, is rendered into XML behind the scenes.

The Visual Workbench is the latest addition to the AppsChannel product line, which also includes a set of AppsChannels for drag-and-drop application integration with Excel, Outlook and Word.

ComponentOne Studio for .NET

ComponentOne Studio for .NET consists of ComponentOne FlexGrid for .NET and ComponentOne True DBGrid for .NET, the Microsoft .NET versions of ComponentOne's ActiveX grid controls; ComponentOne Reports for .NET, Preview for .NET, Zip for .NET, and Spell for .NET.

The subscription-based service also includes updates and upgrades, as well as new ComponentOne releases for Microsoft .NET, and e-mail and online support services for one year.

ComponentOne also is offering a product bundle that includes their Studio for .NET subscription along with a copy of Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET.

Compuware add-ins for Visual Studio .NET

Compuware Corporation recently announced that its DevPartner development products are being integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

This integration enhances the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment by delivering debugging and performance profiling features for developers.

DevPartner Profiler enables developers to easily analyze applications developed with Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ .NET, ASP.NET and other Microsoft .NET languages and technologies. By identifying slow code and performance bottlenecks, developers can find and fix problems early in the life cycle that would otherwise delay deployment and hinder user acceptance.

Infragistics offers .NET Win and Web Suites

Infragistics, Inc., is packaging its line of .NET components in several ways, including UltraWinSuite for .NET Windows Forms development and UltraWebSuite for .NET Web Forms.

However, both packages can be obtained, along with the COM-based UltraSuite, in the new NetAdvantage Suite, which is for the developer who needs it all and must begin working with .NET while still developing on the older technologies.

The UltraWinSuite includes several new .NET controls, including the

UltraWinGrid, which delivers an advanced .NET Windows Forms (rich client) grid control with true hierachical binding.

According to the company, their approach to UltraWinGrid leverages a developer's previous experience with their object model, since the grid is similar to previous non-.NET versions.

IP*Works! Internet Toolkit for .NET

The release of IPWorks! Internet Toolkit for the Microsoft .NET Framework has been announced by /n Software, Inc. IPWorks! for Microsoft .NET is a special version of IP*Works! written entirely in managed code, specifically for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Initially introduced in 1995, IP*Works! eliminates much of the complexity of developing connected applications by providing easy-to-use programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, browsing the Web, consuming XML Web services, and parsing XML documents.

“IPWorks! is an industrial-strength package, the result of more than seven years of research and development and active testing in the marketplace,” says Gent Hito, President and CEO of /n software. “Tens of thousands of applications, including mission-critical software, rely on IPWorks! as a foundation for their communication needs. The new IP*Works! for Microsoft .NET builds upon this foundation and experience, and provides a comprehensive, fully-managed package, specifically tailored for the Microsoft .NET Framework.”

Rational releases XDE tools for .NET

Rational Software has outlined its complete life-cycle software development solution for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework.

Rational XDE Professional provides fully integrated, markerless C# code synchronization capabilities that can be performed automatically or manually with one-click controls in the Microsoft .NET environment.

These features can be accessed from the Solution Explorer, the Class View, the Rational XDE Professional Model Explorer, and Rational XDE Professional diagrams.

Rational XDE Professional's built-in pattern engine and Pattern Wizard allow developers to create their own patterns from existing code or models, and create the pattern so it can be applied anywhere.

SoftWIRE Technology has .NET version

SoftWIRE is a graphical programming extension to Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET. By using intuitive GUI controls in an Icon and Wire design editor, SoftWIRE users can quickly create powerful applications without having to write code.

SoftWIRE projects can be constructed purely from SoftWIRE controls and wires, or may include custom-written code and .NET components or controls from other vendors. Because SoftWIRE is an extension of Visual Studio .NET, SoftWIRE projects can employ any .NET features available to VB.NET or C#.NET programmers.

SoftWIRE 4 offers 85 .NET components and controls, including a suite of advanced database controls. SoftWIRE controls are based on .NET controls with some additional properties, methods and events, and can be created easily.

An SDK is available to facilitate SoftWIRE control development. By following the procedures in the SDK, developers may create functioning SoftWIRE controls and integrate them with their current version of SoftWIRE for Visual Studio .NET.

SoftwareFX gives away Chart FX Lite for .NET

In February, Software FX released Chart FX Lite for .NET, a free charting tool for Visual Studio .NET Windows Forms applications. “Our intention with Chart FX Lite is to meet the needs of millions of developers to create and redistribute charts in their Windows Forms applications,” said Rene Garcia, President of Software FX.

Chart FX Lite for .NET was completely written in C#, ensuring that it will exist within .NET as fully managed code and allowing it to take full advantage of the Microsoft .NET Framework features.

Chart FX Lite features royalty-free distribution, 2D & 3D line, bar, pie and area charts, gridline & axis manipulation, and the ability to pass data through the API or DataSets.

“With the Chart FX family of products, developers have access to charting solutions designed to work in many architectures, including Client/Server, Internet/Intranet and mobile,” commented Robert Williams, VP of Marketing. “Chart FX Lite fits very well into our product line, not only because it fills a gap in Visual Studio .NET, but because it allows the entire development community the opportunity to benefit from our powerful charting technology.”