Bio: Otto Dobretsberger

Otto Dobretsberger

Senior Software Developer

Otto is a senior software developer at CODE. He has a B.S. degree in Biomedical Informatics from UMIT in Austria and received a M.S. and a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston. He specializes in WPF, C#, and C++, but is proficient in several other languages as well. His experience ranges from working on projects in the fields of biomedical image processing, genetics, analytical software for the oil/gas industry, and custom control development.

In addition to a multitude of programming languages, he speaks German, Italian, and English.

Otto has been teaching programming classes at the University of Houston since 2013.


  • C#
  • WPF
  • WCF
  • HTML 5 / CSS
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • MS SQL Server
  • C/C++

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