Mentoring & Custom Training

There are a lot of choices to be made, a lot of lessons to be learned, and a lot of best practices to find and absorb. CODE Consulting not only explains how to implement your new project, but we help you understand why and when you should make the trade-off to do it a different way. We can work with your team to plan your project and guide you through the difficult parts.

Every new software project poses unique challenges... challenges that, almost by definition, have never been encountered by you or your team before. While it is possible to overcome these challenges by yourself, the doubt remains: Have you chosen the best possible solution, or will your decisions come back later to haunt you, quite possibly in the most expensive and time consuming ways?

It is our job to help you with these kinds of challenges. At CODE, we invest a lot of our time in order to have experience with resolving a wide variety of scenarios, and thanks to our extensive network of CODE trainers, CODE authors, RDs (Microsoft Regional Directors), MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), and our connections directly to Microsoft, we have access to a pool of experience none of our competitors can match.


Through our mentoring services, we make ourselves available for projects of various lengths, whether they be limited time engagements or as mentors in an ongoing fashion. Consider us a resource that is available when needed to answer your questions, to assist with decision making, and to aid in removing roadblocks. And of course, we are always available to write actual code if need be.

The great benefit of having CODE available in a mentoring role is the reduction of risk and the ability to make decisions that are more likely to be productive in the long run, since such a vast pool of experience is made available.

Mentoring Purchase Options

Depending on the exact scenario, mentoring can be a fixed-price, one-time engagement, or it can be a "time-and-materials," hourly block, or even service agreement setup. The most appropriate setup depends on customer preferences and the exact nature of the engagement. Details can be determined quickly in a short discussion with our sales staff.

Custom Training

Do you need to have your team trained specifically on technologies or programming languages they will need to know for your next project? Then custom CODE Training is the right choice for you.

In our custom training classes, we first analyze the exact needs and timeframe of a customer's project and then put together an outline and a schedule. The actual content of training varies as it is based entirely on a customer's need but is specific to the architecture and implementation patterns chosen by the customer.

Not yet ready for custom training? Just need a refresher on a few subjects or more general information? Check out for our schedule of standard classes.

Custom Training Purchase Options

As the name indicates, custom training is customized, and therefore, varies greatly from client to client. However, pricing for custom training is fairly straightforward and simply based on the number of days of training as well as the number of days we estimate custom training prep is going to take (if any), plus expenses. Based on this information, we arrive at a fixed price, which ensures that there are no surprises for anyone.

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