Silverlight Development and Design

Microsoft's Silverlight is an interesting technology for a range of scenarios, from adding Rich Internet Application capabilities to "plain" HTML web pages, to supporting rich media, all the way to Windows Phone development. In it's PC/Mac version, Silverlight can run in the browser or in a stand-alone ("out-of-browser") fashion. Silverlight for Windows Phone of course is a completely separate, although similar application platform. (For more information on our services related to Windows Phone, click here. The current topic focuses on Silverlight for the Web). We have experience in all the above and can assist with projects of any size and nature related to Silverlight.

Our Expertise

We have been involved with Silverlight development since before it was called "Silverlight". Not only have we been part of Alpha and Beta programs, but some of our people have been part of design sessions at Microsoft during which some of the earliest decisions around Silverlight were made. Our experts have been extensively published and have presented about Silverlight at various events, ranging from local user group meetings all the way up to major industry events, such as Microsoft TechEd. And most importantly, our people have extensive real-world experience in building all kinds of Silverlight applications.

One of our main focus areas in Silverlight development is the development of professional business applications in a very productive and efficient fashion. (That is not to say that we couldn't help you with consumer experience or media applications). We have extensively lectured and written on the subject.

Graphics Design

While the majority of CODE/EPS is focused on development, we also have graphics designers on staff, with skills ranging from UI design, to pure graphical design, to even print-related graphics and layout. We can thus help you with various graphics design needs. Most of the graphical design for software is related to professional UI design for business applications, as well as consumer and social apps.

Starting a Silverlight Project

Silverlight projects follow the same pattern as most our Web projects. We usually start with a Vision & Scope Workshop to determine overall goals of the project, the size of the effort, and best approach. Based on the findings of this process, we decide on next steps together with the customer. Often, but not always, that may be a Proof of Concept or Prototype phase that subsequently moves into a further standard development process.

Project Lifecycle and Development Approach

Silverlight projects vary greatly in size and complexity (although many come in bite-sized sub-projects) and thus the development and project management approach has to be customized accordingly. We work with our customers to decide on the best possible approach that matches the customer’s need and incorporates CODE at the level desired, whether that is a small supporting role or the other end of the spectrum, which has us manage and handle most of the project. In many cases, we do not use our own approach but integrate with a customer’s existing process.

Most (but not all) Silverlight projects utilize some variation of an Agile methodology.

Purchase Options

Silverlight Applications come in all shapes and sizes, and the most appropriate business arrangements for such projects needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis together with the customers. In many cases, Silverlight projects are set up as “time-and-materials” projects billed on an hourly basis (either billed on an ongoing schedule, through service agreements, or as pre-paid hourly blocks). Sometimes, Silverlight Applications can also be built on a fixed-price basis, which is especially true for relatively small, self-contained projects (as is often the case with Silverlight). Graphical design tasks are often billed on a fixed price for a certain set of designs.

Purchasing Our Services

We offer our services in a variety of ways to meet every possible need. Options range from plain time and materials setups, to hourly blocks and montly service contracts, and sometimes even fixed price setups (especially for mobile "apps"). Contact us for more information and for a Schedule of Fees.

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