Bio: Christopher Grace

Christopher Grace

Senior Software Developer

Chris came into software development by operating a medical transportation business. He realized his favorite way to increase profits was systems automation. He sold his business and began working with a small firm building genetics software for ranchers.
Since then, Chris has been privileged to learn from world-class experts working on numerous projects. Experiences include bootstrapping startup software companies, extending mission-critical systems for international corporations, and everything in-between. He has performed all roles, gathering requirements, leading teams, development, systems administration, quality control, and tier 3 support.
With this background, Chris brings an exceptional big picture perspective. At the same time, he dives in, gets his hands dirty, and fills the gaps, increasing any team’s opportunity to excel.
For fun, he goes off the grid with wife to work on their family cabins, high in the Rocky Mountains.


  • C#
  • LINQ
  • TSQL
  • SQL Server
  • Real-time Memory-Optimized ETL
  • Office 365 with Dynamics

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