Ahmed Ilyas

Senior Developer

A previous Microsoft employee and MVP who has alot of passion and enthusiasm to share is proud and priviledged to be part of the EPS team.

I believe in providing best practices and solutions to any customer of virtually any industry and to see our solution be put in practice and in use really makes it worthwhile.
My personal goal for every project I have had and continue to have, is to make sure that clients and customers are happy but also to make sure that I deliver the best possible solution to them and to enable them to succeed further in their line of business. That to me, is a true sense of accomplishment and achievement. I don't focus on one specific language or technology but across the whole Microsoft stack of not only development tools and languages but also business to business applications (i.e MS CRM)

In my very little spare time that I have, I try to get away from computers and focus on music - my other true love. I love to produce music and DJ whenever time permits me.
The 2 things a developer really can't live without:

1) Coffee (I'll have a mocha with cream, thanks!)
2) Music

Contact Information: